FIWARE Foundation and the IUDX Program collaborate on Open Source to provide a standard Smart City platform

FIWARE Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages the adoption of open standards — implemented using Open Source technologies — for the development of smart solutions on a global basis, announces today a joint collaboration with the India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) Program toward building an Open Source platform that facilitates secure, authenticated and managed exchange of data amongst various data sources and consumers.

The IUDX platform is capable of harvesting data from many sub-systems enabling application developers to build new applications and services to help citizens. With the IUDX platform, citizens will benefit from the availability of more innovative and cost-effective applications and services. The cities themselves will also benefit from reduced development cost and faster development time frames enabled by a standard platform, together with the ability to choose vendors freely and thereby, avoid vendor lock-in. IUDX is being used by Indian cities to harness the full potential of the enormous data being generated across the country.

This partnership will pave the way for the development of a sustainable ecosystem around Open Source, standards-based, innovation-driven technologies to be used in India and globally.

Common standards for APIs and data models are at the heart of platforms and digital infrastructures, enabling interoperability and portability of solutions. In order to successfully make it into the market today, new smart services and solutions must be able to securely communicate with other services and devices, traversing a multitude of infrastructures and systems. This way, solution providers benefit from knowing that their solutions can be connected with other applications or pieces of software — already developed and widely available — or that they can replicate them for multiple customers with rather low adaptation costs.

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